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Tel: 0208 051 7906

Building your website with Capitan

You have two options for creating a website on our platform...

Cruise VIP

Design and develop your
website with Capitan

An account partner will learn about your company, industry and online objectives, then provide a detailed quotation for your bespoke website design & development.

We're experts with 20+ years of branding, web design, web development & SEO expertise.

Get started with a free consultation  


Sail Solo

Design and develop
with your own team

Simply purchase a license and give your team access to your Capitan control panel.

Capitan uses bootstrap framework so it's easy for your team to develop your HTML/ CSS templates and build a website on our platform.

Choose your license then checkout  

Working with Capitan

Talk Straight

We communicate our deep technical know-how on a human friendly level.

Think Smart

We find creative and practical solutions to our customers’ needs.

Work Fast

We use streamlined processes to deliver projects on time/budget.

We develop long term partnerships, not just websites
We invest a great deal of time in learning about your business and the industry that you operate in. Equipped with this understanding we pride ourselves on building bespoke solutions tailored precisely to you, rather than squeezing you into pre-built library templates and functionality.

Our team becomes an extension of your own
It's time to get personal and leave blasé corporate platforms behind...

Need branding & design consultancy too?

Capitan was developed within a branding and graphic design company in Newcastle upon Tyne between 2007-2020, so we have a wealth of traditional graphic design experience. We're always excited to include logo design, branding & graphic design in the service we provide.

Some of our favourite logo designs

Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
Capitan Logo Design
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